Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7 Status Updates

I have accepted the fact that I am not someone who could blog say once a week or even once a month, I am someone who would show up when least expected just like a new tab pops up once a while saying "You have one (1) new friend request, Neha has 2 friends in common. Want to meet her?" while you are hooked up with live cricket streaming.
Well, I am not trying to compare myself with the beautiful Indian girl in the tab, I accept I am an ugly duck but we both can be a pain in the ass. You land up at some shit porn site if you click on accept (or reject either! , yours truly pulled the stunt ;) ) the friend request and I write shit anyway. :D

I got this idea of expressing a story via a few status updates while updating my Facebook status a few days back, and here is my pathetic attempt....  :P


Main platform 7 pe khada tha, aur woh 6 par khadi thi ...
donoo ki nazron Se nazar milii, aur achanak train bich main aake platform par ruki....
Jab train platfrm se gyi tab meri Nazaren use dhundti reh gyi....
kaash woh roz 5:50 ki local pakde aur meri local roz late ho !  ♥
Posted on 1st of December at 19:48

And she is interning with the same firm, Godrej and boyce,
I can see her right now, talking to some guy and laughing! Isn’t she beautiful?
God I am dying Now-u, she is happy how-u! ;)
Posted on 3rd of December at 11:04

When before would someone have given his friends 'finding The girl' party.
And now that the booze session has started, rajo ko mehfil toh jamaani hi thi !
"Pine pilane ke sab hai bahane; kahe ki mohabbat, kahe ke fassane"
crazy mates... \m/
Posted on 3rd of December at 23:47

Technically, I didn't 'ask her out' or get myself a 'date' (I have always been a chicken),
But we will be having lunch together tomorrow after of course sum exhausting  'survey the aunties about their choices' session assigned to us by the HR manager !
Yes, of all the 40 interns, we both are a team !   Destined to meet !
looking forward to tomorrow like never before :)
Posted on 4th of December at 19:06

Life is a bitch, when the only girl you think of belongs to someone else !
Posted on 5th of December at 19:21

Har baar muqaddar ko dosh dena thik nahi,
kabhi kabhi hum bhi hadh se jyada maang lete hai ! :(
Posted on 5th of December at 19:24

I was going through my recent status updates in the vella time today and realised that ;
"If you want a happy ending, it depends on where you stop the story. :)"
Posted on 11th of December at 16:49


So, How was it? Lemme know!

p.s. - I have shamelessly picked up some of the status from a few friends (Ashi, CC and Sexy) and tried making a story out of it. :p If you people expect to get sum credit toh 3 idiots ki bina proper credit diye churayi hui kahani ki kasam raju hirani bhi kahega ........ (aage samaj jaaye) ;)

p.s. 2 - Thank you Live2cherish for reminding me to update but I am an ass when It comes to being punctual!


Humor of the day - Hope in a difficult situation is like a sexy girl in a Horror movie...
Always the first one to die :P

Song of the day - No prizes for guessing .... why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di ?
i love the simplicity and the innocence put into the song.
and ya, the chick is smoking ;)