Monday, March 7, 2011

I'll be there..!!

When the routes look so tortuous,
when the destiny starts flouting,
when you stand there all alone,
weeping,whining and shouting..
Remember, I'll be there..!!

When the heat gets on top,
you look for some shade,
the hands won't raise,
and you still walk the blade,
Looking for some shelter,
if the roofs seem bare,
Remember, I'll be there..!!

When the chide surrounds you,
and the purple patches are long gone,
the hard times arrive crawling,
the joys torn and blown,
Turn around and see,
if nobody appears to care,
Remember, I'll be there..!!

When you look for some water,
and the throat wrecks so dry,
life would seem a desert,
in solitude will you cry,
Entering such a mire,
where nobody seems to dare,
Remember, I'll be there..!!

Love those whom you like,
Have them all your life,
still if they go away so far,
don't sink yourself below the par,
Broken and Enfeebled,
if you still look for a pair,
Remember, I'll be there..!!

p.s. - Get well soon re shivansh bhai !! jaldi theek ho re...