Friday, November 12, 2010

New Beginning or The End ! ! !

Ishita - You crazy stalker, Don't you have a life? Why do you need to call me every damn five minutes ?

Arjun - Sweetie , Just wanted to remind you that you are awesome. Thanks for being so concerned and writing the sessional.. (sheepish grin) have heard that son of a bitch professor has been making racist comments off late. you are a savior. I don't wanna be labelled to have came from a land where all the eyes look the same.

Ishita -  (khi khi..) Arey ! (mockingly) He is not racist, If you are stupid, You are stupid.. Color doesn't matter boy.

Arjun - Why ? why do you compel me to use the 'f wali gaali' every damn second sentence. and I just realized someone is defending that Jerk. Something cooking girl ? Rumor even has it that he is taking extra physics lectures for you.

Ishita - (defending) I have a life. I would shoot myself twice than to study physics plus he knows as much physics as much Mother Teresa knew about porn (sum more silly khi khi kha kha) & btw jaan I am not doing the sessional outta concern or something. When are you gonna treat me?

Arjun - Ok ! Maggi at Nesce tomorrow evening ! done.

Ishiita - itne sade hua numerical and just a Maggi! nothing less than a dinner at LS would do.

Arjun - If wishes were horses , beggars would ride sweetie!

Ishita - hannn...ohh... Am feeling so sleepy.. should I call it a night ?

Arjun - ok! baba done. dinner at LS tomorrow night.

Ishita - Sweet. btw will make you meet someone tomorrow.

Arjun - Who? I hope that someone has boobs. That will make my day.

Ishita - (cutting him) Shut up ? will you ?

Arjun - as you say mademoiselle...

Ishita - Okk ! lemme complete the assignment now. later. cya !

Arjun - Night!

                   They had been friends for over 3 full semester now and off late he had somehow realized that she was the one. genuinely the one, the only one he wanted to be with.He decided he is gonna confess his love tomorrow, no wonder what may happen. He knew he would go mum again this time. So, he took out a notepad and started writing....

"My Dumb Dumber Dumbest Ishita ,
                      My room may smell of marijuana most of the time. Okay correction all the time (wink)! I may have told you uber no. of times that I suck at relationships. I actually do (wink twice)! You find the new guy in class Rohit way to hot. I don't deny that but he is gay! trust me (heaven forbid)! People say that I have insanity issues. Chalo lets not go into that (I should wink thrice or what?). I just know one thing whenever I am with you,around you,thinking about you (yup, in that way, pun very much intended!),I am happy. Happy beyond words could ever express.
                      Will you mind being with a shithead like me? Will you mind making this crazy psycho boy's love affair come true? (Okay I know you are gonna read this over zillion times, memorize it and tell it to our grandchildren. Therefore Keeping my sentimental values into account, please replace the word crazy by exotic minded from the next read.) Will you love me back?
- The hopeless romantic

                        He read it a few more times, finding it just perfect, he put it in his blazer. Next day he got up early, made up all the arrangements, took his besty's car, got ready and then left for the girl next door (only figuratively not literally though, These hostels are so damn far away from each other in these damn nit's).
                         He could see her from distance dressed in a white kurti and a blue denim, he nearly escaped a beat (or few). Checked his pulse rate, yes he was still very much alive. He could even feel the letter being very much there in his pocket. Maybe she had someone with her, a guy. He zapped the accelerator, Strange, but he couldn't bear her talking to someone else.Maybe this is what automatically came with love, He thought and abruptly halted the car near the hostel gate and came out. She almost shouted  of excitement, "hey weirdo, meet Satyam, He teaches with me at the govt. school for Prayaas. Remember, I had told you ?" "yup, I do" he said confused as to what was the purpose of him being there. "So since you are showing no interest in me at all, for the last one and half year,I don't wanna die a single yar (the famous silly khi khi one more time). I have decided to take a chance at this relationship.We are a couple." she said. Numbness got the better of him. Anything and everything suddenly ceased to matter. "Surprized na ?" she threw another question at him without realizing that his whole world had shattered right in front of him there. "Yup! Very Much" was all he could mumble. He kept his hand on the blazer pocket and felt the letter once again ! Maybe Love had ditched him one more time.

P.S. - Thanks for the read guys.And girls (being politically correct!) Wrote this story yesterday night when I was supposed to study Material Sciences and Engineering.Had this major exam today.The paper was quite okay. Just that proff had included some questions that I had not expected. Obviously, I have given him answers that he must not be expecting. (for you professor, If you are reading it, Lets clear it, No hard feelings,No cold stares, Let Peace prevail)

Cheers. Bye!

song of the day -  bye bye love, Backstreet boys

humor of the day - If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My attempt at 55 Fiction

Well here I am finally (phew??) writing a blog about "nothing specific" as such. starting with 55 Fiction (did someone groan. hihi. go on. I don't mind). I agree that It's a strange choice but had nothing better to choose.

" He found a fascinating new blog at midnight & fell in love with the Author's wit and kept reading it till dawn finishing all the blog posts in one go. whoohoo...
Next he remembered his Mom waking him up in the morning enquiring "beta, how is the 8:30 am manpro exam preparation ? "

P.S. - TruE StorY :D

P.S. 1 - This is exactly what Your's Truely did yesterday night (claps) and no prices for guessing got brutally raped by the questions today but then who gives a shit to these fuckin major exams anyway ? (sum more claps)

and BTW, This is Manish Lalwani & I am persuing B. Tech , Industrial Production from NIT Bhopal. keep in touch with the blog, more to come :)

Cheers. Bye!

Song of the day - New Divide, Linkin Park.

Humor of the day - Ok, question: If you get pulled over by a cop and he says "papers" would you get in trouble for saying "scissors,i win" :D