Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Their Story....

His side of the Story ;

I remember seeing her first (noticing would be the right word, I guess) at ICH (SPICE Manit then). She was with her friends & luckily I knew one of those girls and call it sheer luck, It was her birthday! Wasn't the lady luck smiling on me? Didn't even destiny want me to start talking to “The girl.” I went to their table, wished the birthday girl & soon got lost in “The Girl’s smile.” There was something so surreal about her and especially her smile. Words fail me to describe the way I felt! There was something so common yet so unique about her.

Anyways I left after a minute and life moved on. Has MANIT waited for anyone? Saga has it, you are an alumnus of this college until you realize how dearly you are in love with it. But I fell in love with my college in the very first year for it made me meet “The girl.” Long before I could try talking to her in person semester vacations happened and proved to be a blessing in disguise. I added her at FB and we started chit-chatting and during one of the conversations I asked her out for a coffee. (Please don’t misjudge me with the desperato Social networking addict, who tries his luck with every second girl at FB.)

I went out with her and a friend of her (ya, kabab main haddi, typical “my friend is the best. How dare you thought she would date a cheapo like u?” types ). Though I have always believed that two is company and three is crowd but we had a nice time and I was bounding with “The Girl.” Next day I went out with her again on the excuse of making some random arrangements for some not so famous program at the college and this time it was only her and me. Needless to say those couple of hours form some of the loveliest memories of my life but I was worried, I was troubled. Something inside me kept bugging me all the time as to how could an average guy like me be with such a perfect lady and if it was true that we were out, how do I prove myself to be deserving & this is when I started to lie. I started showing a goody-goody image of mine. I told her that I had always been submissive in my life, never dominated, not at all stubborn, born with the silver spoon and what not? But this was all what I thought she wanted to hear and not what she expected from me. May be this is when She started considering me just another guy.

Anyways the evening ended soon before I wanted it to end and before I could have thought about what I said to her. After that don’t know what happened, she stopped seeing me, we stopped being the good friends, the era of messages ended, she seldom replied and I guess It all ended. All I can do now is to console myself thinking that Life is not always sweet. Sometimes all you get is a single chance to make it count, yet all said and done I miss her smile, I miss being with her, I miss the way she was.

Her side of the story ;

I added a random guy during the second semester vacations of MANIT. Had i heard his name before? No! But we had 50 mutual friends. I saw his photo. Ya, I had seen this guy. Maybe he belonged to my batch. He later told me that we had been formally introduced during some birthday party, I hardly remembered.

He started with formal chit-chat at FB and he wasn’t bad. Though a typical flirt, but I still liked the way he talked, the way he admired me. 13 odd times he asked me out for coffee. 13 times I ignored. He kept asking me every day but strange enough I didn't find it awkward or bad rather I liked his regular persuasion. He made me feel important. And, finally the 14th time I said yes. Not that I really wanted to be out with him but I was bored of ignoring him.

We went out, with a friend of mine. I don’t remember much but the evening was just fine. I first time thought about this guy, there was something very common yet a bit unique about this guy. Next day he again asked me out and I accompanied him to a restaurant. That day came as a shocker. He told me how he had been a mediocre, submissive and mother’s boy all his life. Come on, who submits to everything like that? Who doesn't fight for what he deserves? Who has never faced challenges? I have traveled around the city in local’s uber no of times and here is a guy who has never seen a public transport. Is this going to work out? I didn't think so and It all started to drift apart. Not that I didn't want to give it a try, I genuinely admired the admiration he had for me in his eyes but if only he had been a little more stubborn, a little rebel, a little against the wind things could have been different. I stopped replying to his texts for I was angry over his submissiveness and this was my way of showing it. Maybe he didn't get it, and stopped texting totally. Maybe he left it to destiny like all the times, but I wanted him to try. He didn't! I never thought I would say this but I miss his constant admiration, I miss him being around me and I miss the way he was.

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p.s. – before you ask me about the names, I would like to provide this kind information that this post is entirely a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental :p

p.s. 1 - It has been really long since I have blogged, but this time I ain't gonna promise to be more regular, as I hardly keep them :D

p.s. 2 - have not been talking to my bestie for like a week now, am experiencing a huge lack of clarity,crossed with a ton of WT F's, followed by uncertainty and anxiety in life buddie.. :(
hope she reads this and calls.

p.s. 3 - mujhe kya aur koi kaam nahi hai, jo p.s's hi likhta rahunga.. cya :)

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