Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh, the irony !

Between the time I spent working on my excel sheets and trying to socialize with people, I thought of her.

I thought of the times when come every Friday she would visit me. I would pick her up from the bus stop. We would have a delightful roadside snack and then go home and not do a thing. I thought of the silly Saturdays and mundane Sundays.

Today is the day, our birthday. I ought to think of her, of me, of us. And, as I think I wish I had more memories rather than the uneventful weekends. I wish I had went with her on that malshej trip or followed her and her friends to Goa.

I wish I had skipped office and went out with her, somewhere anywhere doesn't matter. I wish we had rolled up a joint and went carefree like the good old days.

I wish that I had acted on these wishes rather than just wishing viciously. But then that's a circular reference error.

That reminds me I gotta get back to my excel sheet. Typing my feelings can probably wait. Bbye! Cya!