Friday, February 18, 2011

LSD (Lovers day,SMSes And Drama)

It was 11:55 PM, 13th February , 5 minutes before the big day; Valentine's day & I had a very important question in my mind.
No! No! It wasn't anything remotely related to love. I am never bothered about not having anyone to celebrate valentine's day with. I am used to the monotone. It has been the case from the day I took birth. The reason was however very common and scaring the daylights of every youth.
Deeply engrossed in my thoughts, I got this chat message at FB which said...

N - oye, Kal messaging free hai kya ?

M - Fuck! That was exactly what is making me crazy since evening! I don't know!
(after a long pause) Common!! I mean I swear am not gonna wish anybody happy valentines. practically I have no one whom I should but lemme do my regular chit chat.

N - (takes out sum time to reply to this poor chap) yaaa re! You gotta admit 60 Paisa is way too much if I wanna inquire my friend about coming to college tomorrow.

And then came the Dooms day, what I never wanted to happen, it was midnight.I sent a test message to a friend asking her if she had any plans worth mentioning. Boom came a service message that read "You have been charged Rs. 0.01 for the last transaction" & I was happy, very happy, very very happy. My happiness knew no bounds. I started considering reliance people as God sent Angels. Hail Anil (or is it Mukesh?) Dhiru Bhai Ambani for not making lovers day another dry day for all the sms chit chatters. I admit am addicted to smses. Little did I knew Reliance was into pulling a totally different trick this time.

I kept messaging till late night, with every message I thanked God for giving me the wisdom to choose Reliance. Later had a beer and slept like a log (common, what else do u expect of a single guy on valentines?)

Dawn, woke up to pee (wasn't that obvious?), checked messages, 3 unread, replied to one and then slept again. Finally I was up in the afternoon, The first thing that caught my attention was my cell flashing "Message sending Failed." tried resending the message 'n' times where 'n' tends to infinity plus 2 but couldn't succeed. I didn't hate Reliance. "Reliance must not be the only network that would be facing Network congestion" I thought and abused the lovers desperately trying to wish their better halves (or fourths , eights excreta excreta (:p) ... you get the general idea right?).

Then out of nowhere in the evening, I checked my balance and here was a shocker. It proudly read "your account balance is Rs. 0.02 ad valid till blah blah" Apparently Reliance had cheater-coped all the other networks and charged for all the SMSes I sent yesterday night. All the praises for reliance suddenly turned into curses. Please die Anil Dhirubhai (Let, Anil take the blame. He was the one I decide to praise earlier!) May your soul dwell in hell.

Not only I couldn't message anybody, neither could I make calls. Every time I tried so "connection error" winked and blinked on my mobile screen. I kept misjudging the situation to be network congestion till evening and then I was too lazy to get a refill voucher.

Thus, ended the valentines saga without any calls or text conversations and now, when I think about it I don't feel as bad as at that moment of time.
I could concentrate on reading a novel that day, without getting interrupted by some random friend's "hellozzzz!" which always tend to get drifted to long and thumb-paining chat conversations. Also, It gave me the much needed lone quality time to think what I was striving for.

Hail Reliance!

pic courtesy - internet

p.s. - Thanks for the read people! I so badly want to blog more often but laziness always gets better of me. :(

p.s. 2 - How was your valentines ? do lemme know....

song of the day - Splits villa 4, Theme song, Aahatain ho rahi hai!

humor of the day - when asked about the definition of the subject in the introductory class of materials sciences, i bluntly replied that Its the biology of non-living things. (True Story! Yours truly survived the stunt) :p

Love! :)


  1. superlike
    just love it
    keep bloggng keep rockng!!

  2. liked it :)
    but inna kaise likh leta hai tu?

  3. Hey! I had the exact same problem......believe me I felt like killing Vodafone ppl... Yeah but u put it down real nice....keep it up :)

  4. hahahahaha!!! hahahahaha!!! massive KLPD huh!! wat in earth made u think those bloodsuckers wont charge the hell out of the modern lovebirds :P :P

  5. hahhaha maal likha hai bhai specially that humor of the day
    keep rocking with these unbelievable stunting answers \m/

  6. i soooooooooooooo loved this post mani...i had read it before but could not comment at that time due to my stupid internet connection playing hide n i tell u and the duh networks...
    but i laughed out then and laughed again!
    and then you ask ME for tips to write about humour????

    sharing this on my facebook:-)

  7. @nikita
    thanks :)

    huh ? sarcastic ? :\

    yaaa these operators.. feel like killing them sometimes.
    btw thanks and keep coming back :)

  8. @bucking fastards -
    yaa buddy, my bad :P
    and yaa, KLPD , lekin ab toh roz ka hai re.. kisi na kisi baat pe KLPD.

    Btw thanks for the read :)

    @mojo -
    dhanywaad :)
    ab aise hi answers ka saga jarri hai ;)

  9. @suruchi -
    Your comments are most awaited friend.. please comment regularly ;)
    They act as a tonic for me..
    Thank you so much for being so generous and sweet and u shared it on fb.. thats equally generoous.
    Thanks mate :)

  10. and , ya u r awesome when it comes to penning down humor :)

  11. See, how cursing brings laughter in your post and then people say its not good. :) Get more vexed.
    nice read.