Saturday, April 16, 2011

The semester that went by.....

Another incredible semester in MANIT is on the verge of getting over and what a roller coaster ride it has been till now. This is the semester that saw it all, depths of despair as well as heights of happiness, be it organising the Mega event Virasat (who am I kidding?) successfully or mindless abuses right outside admin after joints session on the Maffick pronight!

On a personal front I would dedicate this semester to the new linkups. Met some new like minded (ya khaali dimaag shaitan ka ghar types) people and I cherish the firendship bond we share. I also developed a huge crush on a batchmate this sem, somehow started talking to her (ya all the Jugaad and fielding jamaana wali cheezain but fnally nothing else than FB worked! Hail Zuckerberg!) and gradually realized that there was nothing so exceptional in her except her smile. Agreed that smile still gives me goosebumps. Crushes have always been dificult to sustain for me they say :D
I single handadly (sum credit to my belt and 10 no. chappals :p) made it sure that birthdays were never more painful and stinking for friends. Also, I didnot compensate with my Dassna skills. My oriental dassna reached a peak point at Fb! 

While some mates faced a bitter heartbreak (my sincere sympathies and time to enjoy the khulla sand period folks) some people stuck a bell in each other's heart But the highlight of this semester would be hooking up of Mr. Jerk and Miss Pervert. The Boy who showed his likingness to almost 80% of the cows/girls of FGH (cows for him, girls for me :p), finally got accepted by Miss desperate to fall in love. (in case you still cannot recognise the couple, message me at fb, not that I will tell you the names, I will have my share of laugh fucker, for your aweful idea of ur batch mates)

This semester also saw the aweful maffick pronights which I literally regret seeing! Be it the Kavi samelann or Jal Band night! The only thing worth mentioning abt techno maffick was chanting "Kashmir hamara hai" naare during the Jal band night. It was spontaneous and something worth relishing!
Not to forget the batch! I am in love with the feeling to be in TTN. Blood, bargad, Pride!!

Cheers to the yet another semester that went by leaving behing its share of bitter and sweet memories but looking behind I thank God (if it exists!). "Thank God! This semester happeped."

p.s. - Have been inactive at blogger for so long now that making excuses would also not help, But now with exams round the corner (starting this 20th) I ought to be more regular ;)

song of the day - Taylor swift, you are the best thing ever been mine (this song is here for someone special) ;)

humor of the day - You know you're an ugly fuck when you're the one asked to take the photo. :P 


  1. congrats on the end and all the best for the new beginning and exams...
    i love the masala you add in your posts...the in you face tadka:-)

  2. Some Mithoonda starrer it seemed!