Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My attempt at 55 Fiction

Well here I am finally (phew??) writing a blog about "nothing specific" as such. starting with 55 Fiction (did someone groan. hihi. go on. I don't mind). I agree that It's a strange choice but had nothing better to choose.

" He found a fascinating new blog at midnight & fell in love with the Author's wit and kept reading it till dawn finishing all the blog posts in one go. whoohoo...
Next he remembered his Mom waking him up in the morning enquiring "beta, how is the 8:30 am manpro exam preparation ? "

P.S. - TruE StorY :D

P.S. 1 - This is exactly what Your's Truely did yesterday night (claps) and no prices for guessing got brutally raped by the questions today but then who gives a shit to these fuckin major exams anyway ? (sum more claps)

and BTW, This is Manish Lalwani & I am persuing B. Tech , Industrial Production from NIT Bhopal. keep in touch with the blog, more to come :)

Cheers. Bye!

Song of the day - New Divide, Linkin Park.

Humor of the day - Ok, question: If you get pulled over by a cop and he says "papers" would you get in trouble for saying "scissors,i win" :D


  1. @aarsh - (see I came to know that its u) :p
    bhai fiction, I can atleast change sum damn technical aspects.. to make it lol'able .. khi khi :p

  2. :D Happens all the time. Now look at me. My end terms are going on and I have the next paper at 6pm. I'm doing this. :D

    Which blog screwed you, by the way, or is it complete fiction?

  3. lol!! able it is damn lol able!!! awesome man!!

  4. @MangoMan
    Buddies in the company. I Have screwed all my major exams This semester. damn I dont want a bhakka (MANIT lingo for 'back in a exam.' same was the case with NIT Jamshedpur?.) , This blog screwed me. Mesmerizing to say the least. I happened to come across it from the blogs you follow. you are the culprit !
    BTW, Ur Blog is Awe-fucking-some as you call it :)

  5. @aafaque (or lovingly fuck fuck a fuck)-
    Thanks mate.More shit to follow. ;)