Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its all about Priorities after all !

Two long and painful hours, It had been raining cats and dogs in this part of the city.Vikram, who was sitting by his window, tuned his guitar and mindlessly started to hum....

I don't mind some Sunshine,
                                    But No more Rain....
Heavens Forbid, Please don't,
                                    Destroy my date again...

   Third day in a row, All the quality time planned to spend with Nimisha was getting ruined and all he could do was to sit there and watch it rain.God wasn't kind to him after all.
Seeing no signs of  mother nature blessing him in the near future He gave Nimisha a call,

"You are such a witch! You made it rain, Didn't you ? You never wanted to come with me on a date darling? haina?" He accused her.

"1. All accusations accepted with a smile! 2. Its not a date, Its just a casual meeting baba! 3. You are inviting troubles for yourself calling me a darling! if Anu comes to know na, I tell you baba..." She calmly replied in a Bengali accent.

"All I care for is meeting you right now. even if it involves messing up with your husband, I don't care" Vikram replied in an instant.

She could sense his desperation. She did what he could have never expected "Its raining outside budz, we can't meet this way but why don't you come along to my house. We can sure have a ball here." She said and his eyes lit up with excitement. The excitement of being alone with her in her house.

"Oh ho! Someone wants me to meet her indoor. Something Cooking. Ding dong huh?"

"ki kotha bolcheesh? Shut up, You jerk..."

"I didn't ask about the texture of your choice.. BTW is ribbed or dotted the preference? now i did " he played naughty.

"Don't make me do voodoo on your ass now......" She replied with a sheepish grin. "I will see you at my home, 62, west avenue, Gulmohar Villa, Kolkatta  in 30, bbye!" she told him before disconnecting.

He dressed up and was at her house on time. They had a cosy session at her home. She made chocolates for him while he sang "Hey! There Delilah." for the lady of his dreams. He got along with her so well. Why didn't he meet her before? God wasn't kind to him after all.
He bid her goodbye later with a sweet goodnight kiss and told her to be back tomorrow evening. "Nah! Anurag is coming back from his tour tomorrow evening! I guess we can't be talking leave apart meeting next week till he stays at home. I will be busy with all the household chorus." She told him. With a heavy heart he turned to make his way back home.
Back home he consoled himself that maybe he was like a crayon in Nimisha's life. He was definitely not her favorite color but, she kept needing him once in a while to complete the picture. And, that was what was important.
God wasn't kind to him after all!

P.S. - Thanks for the read guys.I was too confused while writing the story, so no idea how it turned up. On personal front, life's not going that great. Vocational training, looks more of a  torture than training to me. Need to walk 2.5 kms to and fro every damn day just to watch some crazy ass people too involved in their own shitty machinery, leave apart explaining. Why am I so Machinephobic or Mechanicalphobic for that instance ?

Song of the day - Kaha chali gayi saali khushi from Dev-D
not a song, its an epic :)

Humor of the day - Never die a virgin, when you get to heaven they make you fuck a suicide bomber. :p


  1. ended bit soon loved it once again lalwani :)

  2. Reminded me od Up in the air. Carry on!

  3. lol....first of all...i need to sue u for picking up incidents from my life without my permission..:P(refer-Hey there Delilah):P....and its "lady of his dreams"..correct that :P...+ the "sunshine and rain" poem...its too obvious to figure out that its an imitation of 3 idiots song:P:P/.....
    P.S.i wud rather fall for Arjun than Vikram :)

  4. nice.......
    but shuld have some other ending.....
    humor nd song of the day r nice too....
    keep it up

  5. @Khushi -
    Thanks buddy...
    and maybe next time a long one :)

    p.s. - Itna jhel legi meleko ? ;)

  6. 1. Come sue me, I am all yours
    2. It Doesn't really bother me getting punctuations wrong and making spelling mistakes. I always know there is a grammar nigger who will come and put it right 4 me. Thanks anyways
    3. Its was meant to be that way (a imitation), Vikram's style

    p.s. - Arjun - 17 , Vikram - 0 so far :(

    p. p.s. - Talking in bullet points is so cool.. huh ;)

  7. @nikki -
    Its all about priorities after all.
    Tried to justify the heading.
    Thanks :)

  8. hmm....achi tragedy likhta hai yar....i expect the next one with a HAPPY ENDING!!!! after all life doesnt always disappoints... ;)

  9. @divya -
    Thanks and yup, next time sure buddy :)
    BTW think again, is this exactly a tragic ending ?

  10. I loved reading your story....
    Wish you had dwelled on his longing....her turmoil. Would have added depth.

    But my favourite line..he was like a crayon in Nimisha's life.

    Btw it's "ki kotha bolcheesh?

  11. @Purba mam -
    Thanks for taking out time to read.
    Actually, being a amateur I thought longing the story will boooore the readers. So, kept it short.
    Oh! I regret now.
    Please keep reading :)

    p.s. - Thanks for correcting. A friend of mine taught me some Bengali, but I have always been a tough student ;)

  12. nyc one brotha....u are dng realy great...just gettin to know about your hidden talents..nxt tym dont kip it dat short... You used up my name without my permision...dat wasnt dne ha..:P lolx.. and do i knw dat fren who taught u a little of bengali..???

  13. mannn!!! that crayonn thing OMGGGG!!! nahh one aint enuff OMG! OMG! OMG! ......
    OMG! (#888) ....
    I jus felll for that... its tooo good..awesomeeeee kudosssss!!!!

  14. @NRI -
    Thanks btw I suggest you to get your eyesight checked asap. The name is Vikram and not Bikram.
    and will try 4 a longer post next time
    and who taught me bengali ? Is that important ? :p
    Screw u, let sum things remain with me ! :D

    @khushbu -
    Thanks.... but thats too flattering :)

  15. short n sweet mani...
    wish i could express so much in such less space:-)

    i loved the ending ka musings...
    also the cute conversations:-)

  16. Thanks but thats way too flattering Suruchi ;)

  17. 'On personal front, life's not going that great.'

    I think you should apply the 'priorities' on your life now. :)

  18. nice story....explains different shades of life :)

  19. @Blognostic -
    Yup! It was high time and probably life's back on track :)
    Thanks, buddy ! :)
    cheers !

    @Anonymous -
    Thanks :)