Thursday, January 6, 2011

All Over Again!

Fortune favors the faithful,
love listens to the lonely,
time tracks the truthful,
silence shines for the soulful..

the lives once so intersecting,
then fallen so apart,
appeared for the revival,
and moved on as a dart..!!

the faith began to justify its meaning,
as cloud 9 soon tried to regain its feeling,
getting you first was something lucky,
getting you second was something luckier..!!

honest by love,
true by soul,
the attributes being such that
conflicts had no role..!!

weeks in , weeks out,
the destiny intended to flout,
so tenacious was I,
ready to defy the norms,
ready to axe the transforms..!!

my bastion was strong enough I thought,
as with all the quakes I had fought,
after all the efforts to prevent the sway,
but the inevitable fissures had their way..!!

what a game the life can play,
can't beat the odds, enfeebled as clay,

If being happy at such times is all he can desire,
then let me cherish the life, the quagmire.

surely the break-up try to break you to pieces,
but it also intends to move you back to creases,
so that you can know life,
because it ain't fun,
until played with knife..!! :)

p.s. - Thanks Ashi Bhai for the guest post... :)
Am in love with your words...

p.p.s. - Happy New Year Buddies !
Wish u all fantastic,fun filled n love dipped 2011.


  1. ultimate dude...last 2 lines were damn on n motivatin..even that life can play n clay thng alegory was ...superv..shrt of wrds dude :)

  2. Thanx..Just tried to keep the Ironies of life in words..:)

  3. Life with it's ups and downs - break ups and patch-ups. But we like it this way.

  4. there may be ups and downs..but life seems so beautiful during the acme times just strive for the same..
    and if not, then you end up being a poet ;)