Monday, January 10, 2011

Engineering; Euphoria personified....

                                             Mechanical and Production Engineering block @ NIT-B
                                               (Pic courtesy - Face Book! can't recall the person )

Scene 1 -

Today the first day of a new semester, dooms day for many but considering my GPA (silly 7 point something) last term I was all motivated to go to the college and  I made it at 9:55 A.M. sharp (45 minutes late but Common! Thats still an achievement for a lazy ass like me.) met a friend as tardy as me and we rushed towards the DOPE (Department of Production Engineering , cool Acronym na!) notice board to look at the schedule and subject coordinators. To our amusement, we had a subject with the name Electrical and Electronic devices blah blah... whatever? who cares anyway?

"EAED.. err.. that sounds so weird" My friend said.

He have always had this awe-wait for it-some addiction of substituting subjects names by its initials (KOM,MOM,SOM,BMC (no I ain't abusing! It stood for basic materials classes), MPro etcetera etcetera...).

"We will call it BEE then" Yours truely suggested.

"But we have already studied BEE last year plus this shit isin't elementary anymore"

"Okay! We will call it fucking Advanced BEE! Period" and a roar of a known long forgotten laughter filled our mech department marking the beginning of much awaited Bakar sessions! :)

Scene 2 -

My sister visited home in the evening. So,sis and maa started with the customary family talks in my room. (why do they have to opt for my room killing my privacy) "Shweta Tiwari was looking so cool in that banarasi sari in the Big Boss finale!" and it naturally went on and on !
Predicting no chances of the affectionate words stopping in the near future I interrupted them both "Can  you Please, continue with your elated talks in some other room. I wanna study!" Mom gave me a slightest of smile and that smile said it all. It was much more mighty than words can ever be.
My Sis, being the cute dumbo she is dissipated its meaning for me, "Make some valid excuses bhai!" She blurted and we three burst into laughter.

It is moments like these that make me fall in love with the day I decided to choose being an engineer!

p.s. - Maybe this post lacks the humor quotient but I am just ecstatic that the Happy days are back again! and can't help showing it.

p.s.1 - Thanks Aki for suggesting the name of the post! :)

p.s. 2 - still reading ? :p

song of the day - Emptiness.. Tune Meri jaana! You got to listen this song! At least once!

Humor of the day - 

Signing off!


  1. Hmm... I like it coz instead of playing with the words and decorating it up, you jst said it simple and sweet. I guess the best compliment would be I could connect having been a BTech student myself :)
    keep it coming, cheers!

  2. Thanks Mate!
    Having came from you, This comment definitely made my day :)
    Cheers! To engineering! Cheers to Life!

  3. i second wid aakash!! :-) lyk lyk!!

  4. Do all brothers think their sisters are dumb? And DOPE is a cool acronym.

  5. i just wished there was a like button...
    also it does not lack humor quotient...nice post :)

  6. yeaah we r dose idle brains hu wer 1ce actv say half a decade bak, nywaz man,reminds me of my blog cos dat also purely based on coplg/childhod stuff, nice read

  7. keep it up buddy.......long way 2 go :)

  8. awww...may the happiness continue..
    and do you REALLYYYYY study...matlab so much?:-)
    have a rocking new semester:-)

  9. DOPE is so cool!
    We law students have only one cool acronym for the Acts and laws that we study...BRA stands for Banking Regulation Act :P :P
    I liked this post..simple n cute it was :D (ok don't get mad if i call it cute :P)
    reading ur blog after ages re :O

  10. @ravi
    thanks :)

    I guess so ;) Thanks.

    @vatsal -
    Thanks bhai :)

  11. @Vineet -
    ya boy, we almost share the same usp :)
    anyways thanks for the read and please do blog more ;) ( dont gimme that look, who is talking ? :P)

    @ankita -
    thanks buddy :)

    @suruchi -
    Thanks for the wishes, but lazy me I am replying when the sem is abt to get over in a week :D
    and btw I still do not know the recommended textbooks. Hope that clears ur query :D

  12. @Mads -
    BRA acronym is awesome :p DOPE just got overshadowed :\
    and did u really find it cute? :\ :p
    Thanks btw :)

    P.s. - I blog in ages, so u ought to read my post in ages na :D