Saturday, January 8, 2011

ISTE Sucks Totally Everytime !

Disclaimer - Needs to be taken in a light tone, No Personal Grudges! May Peace prevail :)

Backdrop - ISTE is one of the societies at NIT-B and its fucked up like all the others.
ISTE Sucks Totally Everytime !

That day I happened to come across a friend from ISTE (errrrr do they qualify to be called as friends even....)

ME... so, what is  ISTE shit all about ?

He... Well, ISTE is a national level society.... (5 seconds of awkward silence, I was hoping for more to come from the nerd. Well nothing of that sort happened )

Me... What do u people do ?

He... We meet !!! Discuss agendas !!! We r forced to take the crap Seniors give us and then we disperse, only to meet the next day !!! These meetings have been going on and on and on for the last year and half I joined ! !
anyways I gotta reach for a meeting at CC OAT... I don't wanna be subjected to those cold looks from the Presi 4 reaching late and interrupting him as if he was delivering his noble prize speech.
cya ! !

I was speechless!
He had left nothing for me to decipher.

p.s. - if u think am biased,
Fuck u, u r either a ISTE Gissu or an Ignorant first yearite.... :P

p.p.s - About Spic Macay, We people are perfect (yup! In that fucked up way) ;)

Song of the day - HYPNOTIZE, System of a Down!

humor of the day -

Signing off!
- Mani


  1. aaahh...wht to say....:P..i mean...bacha kya hai :P :P

  2. hmm.... gud one....i see every one has same views for d shit(ISTE)community :D

  3. i m frm NITW n we too hav dese variteies of shits as well , dey r biggest nerds/assholes wth full showbaazi n stuff, nice take n love d humor of d day

  4. hehe... We got this thing figured out well...
    or as 'they' say it is :P

  5. apan log ke bas ki baat nai hai bhai ye sab bakar societies..
    come Lotaas, get away ugly girls..:D

  6. naive & yet better than u :)January 10, 2011 at 6:32 AM

    at least v don't steal money from our funds for u do mr. fatso accountant :P

    arey sorry yar..i 4got..u r sindhi...could do anything to save a penny :P

    take no offences plz :D

  7. @naive and yet better -

    This has to be the best comment on my blog so far! Kudos!

    Sweet revenge boss as far as it was concerned with just me :)
    I just wish You hadn't been racist ! It took your character to an all time low :\
    and Am sure You must be proud of it.

  8. @shourya - huh ! :)

    @Coolguy - I wish people didn't post anonymous here ! anyways thanks for the read :)

    @Vineet - Thanks Mate ! !
    Remember the other day i told you ways to rag connects all the Nits! Maybe these 37 kinds of crap societies too ;)
    and I too loved the humor part :p

  9. @bhai - Sahi hai !
    Dignity personified :)
    lautagiri hoti hi nahi ! sahi kaha ekdum :)

  10. naive & yet better than u :)January 10, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    @ manish...
    thanks man!
    revenge is sweet...:)

    and that racist thing..sorry dude..u remember ..m 'naive' :)

  11. ^^^ Thats the spirit !
    CHEERS for LIFE! Guruji ;)